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The Real Junk Food Project Doncaster is part of a rapidly growing organic movement of 100% food surplus (waste) Pay As You Feel cafés. We aim to abolish food waste.

Food is wasted throughout the supply chain; supermarket’s aesthetic standards mean that in the UK, over 40% of vegetables are discarded before leaving the farm. There are strict food labelling laws that mean perfectly healthy, edible food is being mindlessly binned at every stage of the distribution chain.

Food waste is a symptom of a much bigger problem that can only be addressed by
re-evaluating our food production and distribution system.
WRAP estimate that food distribution and retail generates 4.3 million tonnes of food waste each year in the UK, whilst simultaneously over 900,000 people were regularly using food banks in 2014.

In Doncaster the number of people using food banks has tripled, with more than 50% now visiting due to ‘benefit changes’.

Food that gets discarded for little to no real reason - Junk
The Real Junk Food Project rescues the discarded food and uses it for people in need of our help - Rescue
We create a space for people to enjoy good food and feel welcome and safe - Enjoy!

We currently have vacancies for the right people wanting to work for us and help with the Real Junk Food Project in Doncaster. View Our Vacancies

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Pay as you feel

We value food and we value people. Celebrity or hungry family, everyone is treated equally. Pay As You Feel fosters inclusion and equality.

Financial exclusion happens in Doncaster for a number of reasons. If you are long term ill or diagnosed terminally ill for example. Benefit sanctions have also created more financial exclusion and typically last from 4 to 26 weeks. Young people leaving care and long term sick found 'fit for work' (may include those suffering from diagnosed long term mental health issues and disabilities) are most frequently affected in Doncaster.

Benefit changes can leave people in hardship; e.g. larger families subjected to the 'benefits cap' who took on apprenticeships and training, but suffered delays of up to 6 weeks in recalculating their benefits and those subjected to tax credit changes. Bedroom tax hit Doncaster hard, as the borough has a shortage of one bedroomed homes.

Zero hour contracts add to feeling powerless and leave people unable to plan financially.

Doncaster has high rates of domestic violence (women and children who may have to flee suddenly) and a high statistic of sex workers. One email from an outreach group said there was an increase on Friday nights as a direct result of women needing to buy food.

Often food banks are unable to help people in these situations, as they are a short term solution based on referrals. Insanely, food banks have to discard perfectly good food if it is out of date.


"Consume less, share better". Herve Kempf quote
Help us out and by Volunteering

Until the systemic change necessary to abolish food waste is brought about, we believe that our PAYF café model can play an important role as we transition towards a less wasteful system.

The project represents an alternative to devaluing edible food waste by creating an inclusive community space responding to the environmental impacts of waste disposal, as well as unemployment and community engagement.

Everyone is part of creating the café spaces, whether you are a customer, a volunteer or a supporter, PAYF allows everyone to contribute to what they think the food, the space, the idea and the bigger picture is worth.

PAYF offers an alternative to the conventional payment system, as there are no prices. Our system transcends monetary transactions and liberates people to use their skills and attributes as well as money to pay for their meals.

If you have some time to donate and would like to volunteer a few hours, please fill the form below

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Can you help us find a permanent home?
Your Donations Count

“ It’s definitely okay if I come in..? and I can just get something..? even if I have no money..?
I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning”

We have been contacted by local schools, groups and individuals who wanted to contribute monetary donations, so we needed this button. We will use your kind donations to help
cover unavoidable costs.

You will help us continue to rescue food and share it with people who need it.

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